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Software Maintenance

After an application is developed, it becomes an essential part of a client's business. It is vital that the software system be efficiently maintained and problems quickly resolved. The applications must remain functional and ready to address new opportunities and business needs. Software maintenance represents the enhancements and improvements to existing software that provide the competitive edge needed to stay ahead and succeed in any industry.

Software Maintenance is a support service that ensures the stability of software applications and IT systems according to the client’s operational requirements and provides system enhancements at the client’s request.

Software Maintenance Types:

  • Perfective and corrective maintenance: Cool Software Solution can enhance, re-engineer or customize your solution, tackling minor and major issues that trouble or hamper system performance and functionality.
  • Adaptive maintenance: Adaptive maintenance delivered by the Cool Software Solution’s team ensures that your software and hardware work stably and reliably in the new, altered environment.
  • Scheduled maintenance: This service enables facilitated updates & releases management to ensure that your system or application stays in line with the latest technology, ahead of competition.

Our Technical Support team can troubleshoot and offer solutions for workflow issues specific to your workplace. They can guide you through a variety of time-saving techniques and help you develop and use add-ons, macros and more.

System Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your core applications, hardware and overall system performance to ensure system uptime. Support team is immediately alerted when your system crosses the defined thresholds to avoid your server going down, memory reaching capacity or a workstation consistently being overloaded.

  • Application monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Network and remote connectivity management
  • Server monitoring
  • Backup and recovery

Application Maintenance

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support services for applications developed by Cool Software Solution or by any third party vendor. Cool Software Solution professional services include:

  • Issue detection, diagnosis, analysis and solution delivery
  • Workaround provision & hot fixes
  • New releases and updates
  • Service and feature packs delivery

Security Audit

Scheduled updates for security patches, spyware removal, antivirus, spam protections and network security help boost your IT system robustness multi-fold.

Application Enhancement

Cool Software Solution will professionally develop and implement the new application functionality, which may include transformation, migration, and extension of your current application or legacy system to keep it usable and relevant to actual customer’s needs.